KayRen is a small Danish Family runned company started by Søren Fjeldsted Eriksen and Kay Jimenez Eriksen.

We usually go to Manila once a year with our Son Sebastian for about 5 weeks.

Going there with fully packed suitcases (stuffed with pasalubong) to the maximum of what is allowed (and a little over).

As you can imagined Kay have used hours on packing it just right. But the reason for all this (the Company) is not the heavy suitcases going to the Philippines, even though that is hard enough.

It´s more that… When we are in Manila we are buying a lot of stuff especially things for the Son. If you have kids yourself you know that it is expensive to buy clothes, shoes, toys and whatever is needed in Denmark and Sweden (the rest of Scandinavia and EU also).

So when the time comes and you have to get packing to fly home again the problem arises!


We always have to leave things behind. That are, either too heavy or bulky.

One time we tried to send a box with one of the big parcel services, but the size of the box in regarding to the price made it a bad deal. So we only did that once!

But it got Us thinking…. It must be possible to do that cheaper!

And ever since we have been working on doing exactly that (like a reverse Balikbayan Box Service).

Yes it will take longer time for our customers (since we are not flying it to Copenhagen) but we can offer bigger boxes (have several sizes) and cheaper prices!